Zoltán Schultz

at the beginning of the “new year for trees” 5677 (1917) Zoltán Schultz was born.

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Welcome on behalf of the EINHALT-Team! Zoltán Schultz was a Jewish victim of the shoa, the death marches through Austria at the end of WW2. His name appeared during the activities of the EINHALT project. A name, a face  - out of so many whose fate remains unknown. Do you want to learn more about Zoltán Schultz?


Wolfgang Baaske

(EINHALT Co-ordinator)

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According to the Jewish calendar, Zoltán Schultz was born on the "new year's day for trees". On the occasion of his 100th birth day we started to collect donations for planting trees in Israel: a small symbolic sign of solidarity with his family and his folk, a mark for the future. This action has been re-started again with the "birthday of trees 2019".